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Celebrating My Love of Landscape in Watercolor and Mixed Media

My paintings are about a sense of place, the contrast of land against water, the lights and darks, the constantly changing drama of the sky. I visit marshes and shore from southern Massachusetts and Rhode Island to coastal Maine and Canada as well as places closer to home, such as the Arnold Arboretum, with its unique patterns of color and design.

I do many sketches and watercolors on site and then, in my studio, distill what I have seen into my own interpretations. I want to convey my experience of the places I visit.

My "partitioned landscapes" came about after I returned from a trip to Canada with a notebook filled with sketches. I decided to combine different scenes into a single painting, creating a "journey" for myself and the observer.

Since 1992, I have been teaching watercolor classes, a rewarding and challenging adventure. My work has been exhibited in many galleries in New England over the past twenty-five years. It is included in many corporate and private collections, among them, The Federal Reserve Bank, Fidelity Investments, and NYNEX.